Day 3 of 365

Ok, so I drew this one at about 8am this morning over breakfast but then we had to head out to “Wiggly Woo” for some toddler dancing, then coffee with my favourite mums of two years olds and then went to meet Grandma and then had to tidy the house for the babysitter who was coming to look after Will while we attended a work function for some clients of my husband and….several hours later its now 11:48pm and I’m about to get illustration #3 up in the nick of time!

Here is day 3!

Hold on tight

I haven’t done a pencil drawing in, oh! I don’t know how long, its been forever! So it was great and amazing and wonderful to grab that 2B and shade away, I loved it! I see a few more pencil illustrations happening in the next twelve months, I may even do tomorrows in pencil, I’m a bit smitten with lead at the moment!

Also, I stupidly and completely by accident named this blog ‘Illustrations 356″ DUH! Dyslexic much? And I’ve tried to change it a number of times but for whatever reason it won’t allow the change, so, I think I’m stuck looking like a doofus who doesn’t know how many days there are in a year, boo!

Happy day 3!

Oh and, I hang my head in shame, I forgot to get Wills day 3 drawing! He did do one, only it was in my friends little boys colouring book while we were out having coffee this morning, the colouring book is at her house, NOWHERE NEAR MY SCANNER!! Jeepers!

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