Day 4 of 365

I set myself a little rule that I would finish and post the illustration that I start each day. No throwing it out half way through to start again. Mostly because thats what I do so often! I’m the worst for starting a painting or a drawing and deciding that I absolutely and completely hate it and the minute I start to hate it it has to be gone. GONE! Either buried deep in the bin or painted over with big black angry brush strokes, so its soooo hard for me to put this illustration up, but, thems the rules! I started it, I had to finish it.

It will bug me for the rest of my life that this guy leans a little to the left!

Don't fall over!

I don’t think Will was feelin’ the vibe today either…

Will 3

But at least he’s consistent with his style!

3 thoughts on “Day 4 of 365

    • Couldn’t agree more… the slight lean adds so much. OMG Kel your rubbish bin must be amazing if you think this should be there!!

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