Day 7 of 365

Today I bought new pens, new pencils, some erasers, a sharpener and a pencil case. I felt like I was doing ‘back to school’ shopping!

So far I’ve mostly used pencil or pen for my illustrations which is actually not very me at all. I’m a HUGE fan of colour but it’s pretty tricky to get your paints out with a two year old pulling at your elbow, so I’ve had to work pretty quickly…and cleanly, hence the pens and pencils. Maybe one Sunday afternoon I’ll steal a couple of hours to paint. With a nice hot cup of tea. And music in the background that isn’t ‘The Wiggles’. A girl can dream.

The only explanation I have for todays illustration is this: You know those days where you head out in the morning feeling so put together? You’re feeling a little bit stylish, a little bit hip, and dare I say, a little bit groovy. But then, after you’ve been swanning around the children’s indoor playground, the grocery store and the local cafe all day, you catch sight of yourself in a mirror and…well, you realise WITH HORROR that you’re not as fancy or as stylishly put together as you thought. Boo! Those days are the worst. Today was one of those days. Actually, most days are one of those days, I just felt it more today.

And now the dogs eating playdough again, I can hear him from here.

Day 7!

I’m very stylish on the inside. Honest.

Will says black is the new black.

Will 6

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