Day 11 of 365

Wow! It seems like a thousand hours ago now since todays illustrations were drawn!

I did them shortly after a trip to ‘Toys R Us’ earlier today. I love toys. Love. Toys! And I love that I now have a (legitimate) reason to go into toy shops and buy toys, but I’m kind of limited in that I can only really buy boy toys…luckily I genuinely like playing with Lego and can even handle a bit of Thomas Tank Engine but walking the ‘Toys R Us’ aisles today made me yearn for some girly stuff.

Which got me reminiscing about the things I used to love to play with…Paper dolls and those felt kits where you made up scenes with pieces of cut-out felt and a background, you know those ones? And Barbies, obviously.  I could play with those for HOURS!

So, as a result of todays trip I have made …. A paper doll! My very own paper doll!

(Not sure if it would actually work as my tabs might be a little off, so its really just an illustration of a paper doll!)

I call her Ruby Slippers.

Ruby Slippers in smart casual and sun frock.

Ruby Slippers in sleepwear, swimwear and art smock.

I gave Will a dress to decorate and he went all “Louis Vuitton graffiti print” on me before handing me the pen and making the sound of each animal I had to draw.. “baaaaaaaaaa” for sheep, “arf arf” for dog, “ack ack” for duck, and so on…

Will (and a bit of me) 10

Embrace your inner child!

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