Day 13 of 365

(I’m in serious need of a new scanner. Mine has a lid that has come off its hinges which means that if I don’t put a heavy book on top of it while its scanning it lets all the light in, also, it doesn’t pick up lovely subtle shading, as was the case with today’s illustration which is full of lovely subtle shading, so, I’ve taken a photo instead!).

Some time ago I came up with a couple of little characters for a children’s book that I may or may never get around to doing anything about. I called them Grace Skies and Ruby Slippers (copyright copyright copyright to me on those names!) and today I revisited Grace and Ruby as I was looking through old sketch books looking for inspiration, here’s what happened.

Grace Skies and Ruby Slippers have a rather fancy tea party…



Will says he’ll give you two drawings tomorrow as his mum is trying to roast a chicken and has posted today’s post on an iPhone app so she can unload the dishwasher at the same time and thinks it might be too hard to organise right now… she also says sorry if there are massive typos and grammatical errors, she’s typing all this with her thumb!

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