Day 18 of 365

Been sewin’ like a BOSS!

I started sewing about two years ago and although I’ve sewn a lot of things I tend to keep it pretty simple. Squares mostly…square tote bags, square patchwork quilts, square stuffed toys and even squarish tunics dresses, easy peasy, can’t really mess up a square!

Today I tackled my biggest challenge yet, squares with pants.

I’m feeling rather proud of myself as I resisted the urge to pack it in half-way through and carried on not really knowing how it was going to turn out, I don’t follow patterns and I rarely read instructions so I get more failures than successes most of the time, today though, I think was success! A WIN! Hooray!

So todays illustration may not be too pretty to look at but it represents an enormous leap for me…


Its the monkey pieces!

As I said, I don’t really use patterns so these are the bits I drew to work out what I needed to make this fine fellow.

The monkey and the bag of blocks were made for a very special little boys first birthday, Happy Birthday E! xx

Feeling pretty chuffed with myself.

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