Day 22 of 365

More scanner issues. Boo.

Scanner is only A4 and todays illustration is bigger than A4 so I’ve had to take some pretty ordinary photos of it with my phone. Such a shame because I actually really like this illustration a lot and it loses a bit of what I like about it in the photo, oh well.

Anyway, on the weekend we watched ‘The Help’. Great movie! I’m a big fan of Emma Stone so that made it doubly enjoyable to watch.

Todays illustration is from that bit in ‘The Help’. What a lovely thing to say to a child. All children should be told this everyday… Also, hand lettering! No computers were used in the making of this drawing!

You is kind

You is smart

You is important

I need a new scanner.

I havent forgotten about Wills drawing, I just think I might do his a little less than everyday as they all kind of look the same at the moment.

You is kind.

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