Day 26 of 365

Is it still an illustration if I use a stamp set and some acrylic paint? No actual drawing? Why yes I think it is! I looked it up to be sure, I don’t want to be considered a cheat, and yep, its an illustration!

So on with todays illustration!

A few months ago I started making a quilt for Wills room, hopefully it will be finished by the time winter rolls around, I’ve done the hard part, I just need to add the backing, anyway, I had some leftover pieces of fabric from the quilt so I sewed them all together not really knowing what I was going to do with the finished piece … until now!

I thought this illustration looked pretty cool and I had quite by accident done it in the colours of Wills bedroom so I grabbed a frame, the fabric I’d sewn together and….. VOILA! TA-DA! BEHOLD! Ready to hang…

Phew! That makes up for yesterdays disaster.

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