Day 27 of 365

Some years ago I rescued a couple of old design annuals that were about to be thrown out, ‘Modern Publicity 1960/61’ and ‘Graphis Annual 1967/68’ and they’re the two most cherished books on my bookshelf. The graphics, the typography, the illustrations…oh my! To say I get excited when I flick through these is an understatement!

Seriously, take a look at these snippets I scanned from the 1960/61 annual…

Swoon swoon swoon! If I had a time machine, or had access to someone else’s time machine, I would absolutely go back to 1960/61 and spend just a few days in the studio with the designers who created this kind of stuff, I bet they were very cool people.

Anyway, enough babbling! Do you see the little camel in the first scan? I had a bit of fun doodling him while I  flicked and daydreamed my way through the books for about the seven hundredth time since I found them all those years ago…

He is todays illustration.

5 thoughts on “Day 27 of 365

  1. amazing doodle 🙂 i think that the designs from the 60’s are also really cool, they are clean cut and simple and are just really nice to look at, now everything seems so complicated and messy! lets build a time machine? x

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