Day 29 of 365

I’ve been thinking A LOT about style the last 24 hours because last night I went looking through some lovely illustration blogs and it occurred to me, they all seemed to have beautiful illustration styles that were uniquely theirs, so then I started to wonder if I had a style that was all mine and I realised that actually maybe I don’t! Or if I do I don’t see it, I tend to feel like I’m all over the shop when it comes to my illustration style. Maybe thats my style! Can having no real identifying style be your style?!

I think I will spend the remaining 337 days of this challenge trying to discover my style.

Heres todays illustration….its me trying to discover my style…

I know theres a style in there somewhere!

Also, I thought I’d be very clever and draw something for the header of this blog but I did it all wrong. Boo. You can only see part of it up the top there, so I’ll have to do a new one sometime, I can’t live with an oddly cropped picture, it upsets my Libran sense of balance!

Heres the real thing…

Two illustrations for the price of one today!

Happy Feb 29, hope you’re making the most of your extra day.

9 thoughts on “Day 29 of 365

  1. Cute drawings. I struggle with this–mostly that I want to push myself to loosen up, rather than always paint in the same way I always have. It’s hard to know what unifies a body of work sometimes. Is it your medium, or your content, or colouring, or something else? I like to think I paint figurative paintings, but then I get hung up on buildings, and then cars, then vintage furniture, and start to wonder if they go together at all! Good luck developing your style. x

    • Thank you!
      I think what stops me having a distinct style is that I worry everything will just look the same, which in a way is kind of what you want, I guess. I think the problem stems from my graphic design days where it wasn’t a good thing to have every piece of work look like the last in some way, you couldn’t really put your stamp on anything because each brief had to be looked at with fresh eyes. Thats now a very tough habit to break!

  2. Love your illustrations. Often when we look at other people’s work we can fall into the “grass is greener on the other side” and wish we had their style. But you’ve definately have your own so I wouldn’t worry.

  3. Funny to find you and read this, today. I started thinking this very same thing, yesterday.
    I want to find my own style and have been giving that a lot of thought, lately.
    Best of luck to you! I really like your illustrations…so sweet!

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