Day 32 of 365

I drew this one today simply because I love to shade with my lead pencil. I find it therapeutic. Calming. Relaxing. That is, it was, up until the point Will knocked his elbow and began to scream and cry the house down. Relaxation gone.

Ten minutes later though, he was back to laughing and I was back to shading.

All is calm in our house again.

Hello, Moon

Hello, Moon

We are cooking prawns on the BBQ tonight.

That has nothing to do with todays illustration, I’m just really excited about it!

One thought on “Day 32 of 365

  1. its lovely! that looks like me and i am constantly staring out of the window at the moon, at the sun, at the rain, at the wind… all sorts πŸ™‚ even just out into the garden πŸ™‚

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