DAy 34 of 365

Boy! Today has been a whirlwind of culture, farm animals and fairy floss! There was so much I could have drawn for todays illustration but time got the better of me and, although a bit lame, I have managed to get something up, phew!

But first, snippets from the whirlwind day..
(below: a few photos from our morning at Sculptures by the Sea)

And now fairy floss!
(couple of photos from the Hyde Park Fair)

And a sheep…
(also from the fair, baaaaa)

And now for todays (boring in comparison) illustration. Maybe one day when I have more time I’ll do something a bit more special based on todays events. But for now…

Ugh. I don’t like it. I’m almost embarrassed to show you but, its all I’ve got.

Something a little nicer, a painting from WILL!

What a day! I’m hungry.

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