Day 37 of 365

Evolution of an illustration

Sometimes indoor play centres are pretty great…like when all you want is a good skinny hot chocolate and a little time to yourself to use your new coloured pencils. Aaahh. New coloured pencils.

While Will spent almost the entire time we were there bouncing on the bouncy castle I sat staring at a very scary sheet of blank paper. Then I started thinking about space hoppers. Probably mostly because of the bouncy castle but also maybe because it’s become apparent that I think about toys, a lot!

All was going well with frog space hopper drawing until I messed up the head of the girl in a horrible and tragic way. I tried to erase the damage but had erased so much I was starting to make a hole in the paper. Solution? Draw a new head on new paper! (Still not completely happy with it but its an enormous improvement on what was there).

New head!

Space hoppers. They were the best things ever!

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