Day 38 of 365

Because I love my new coloured pencils, and because I love drawing and painting houses, todays illustration is a coloured pencil drawing of houses!

WIll I ever get sick of these lovely pencils? I hope not.
I’m going to have to learn to work sitting down though. For some reason I do all these illustrations standing up and my old knees are starting to complain.

Pretty coloured houses!
(This feels so French to me that I’m starting to crave croissants and stinky cheeses!)

Rien ne vaut son chez soi! Oui Oui!

It’s Friday again, already, gosh they come around quickly. Hope you’re enjoying yours!

*EDIT* Ok, so, an hour or so after posting todays illustration I couldn’t help feeling it was missing something, then I think I figured it out, SOOOO, new version of Day 38 to follow…

Now I can put it to rest in my mind. Phew.

2 thoughts on “Day 38 of 365

  1. Oh the knees! I too paint standing instead of sitting and, after a full day at it, my knees won’t bend enough to walk down the stairs properly. I must look ridiculous going down them one at a time in crab-like fashion.

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