Day 41 of 365

It’s been a very creative house today, cutting, pasting and drawing!

With the idea of maybe keeping Will entertained on the long long flight this weekend I spent the morning making books, photo books for Will! (I’m almost obsessive when it come to taking photos so I have A LOT lying around, perfect for projects like this one).

I was going to use these books as todays illustration but deep down I thought that was a bit of a cop out so, with the textas I bought at Officeworks while waiting for our books to be laminated, I have scribbled a little scribble…its not fancy but I had just about used up all my creative juice by the time I got to it!

Homemade books + little scribble is equivalent to one super duper illustration, surely?

Train book, choo choo!

ABC Book, B is for Bit exhausted now!

Books books books!

We’ve made four now and I think that’ll do us!

Finally, new texta scribble…

Mmm Gateau…

Not sure why I’m feeling a French thing lately, I guess ‘Fleurs’ and ‘Gateau’ just looks prettier than ‘Flowers’ and ‘Cakes’.

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