Day 50 of 365

Did a LOT of walking around London again today, went to London zoo, walked, stopped for coffee, walked, met up with some family, walked some more! It was somewhere around the “having coffee after the zoo” part of the day that I realised how claustrophobic London makes me feel and how much I love where I live.

I don’t hate London, it has a lot of good points, I just could never live here again.

I love going for walks in the sun with Will and having the entire footpath to ourselves. I love jumping in the car and after a quick ten minute drive we’re at the beach. I love wearing cool cotton dresses!

Today’s illustration was drawn in the coffee shop on a bit of receipt roll paper.

I think I’m just too little for this big city.




8 thoughts on “Day 50 of 365

    • Ha!! Just receipt paper from the roll, I asked them to tear me some off… That’d be a lot of coffee if it was an actual receipt!!

      • lol !!! you should put this in the blog ! hahaha draw a face expression of the worker when they heard you asked for the receipt paper !! hahaahah 🙂

  1. at first glance i could see the city being seen as overpowering and crowded- then you mentioned claustrophobic. I like how you can draw an idea and it clearly communicates that idea. [as opposed to just drawing an object]


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