Day 51 of 365

Sitting here at the end of a VERY long day sipping on some dessert wine, don’t know the name of it but it’s sweet and it’s sticky and it’s going down well, and I’m thinking about the highlight of this London trip so far, which has resulted in today’s illustration.

The highlight, without a doubt, has been catching up with beautiful friends and lovely, lovely family. Forget shopping (even though I did burn a bit of a hole in the credit card today) and forget the food (breakfast at a French bistro this morning was exceptionally good), and forget wine (did I mention how well this dessert wine was going down?), forget all that. Family that I’ve not seen in ten, some twenty, years and meeting cousins I’m just now meeting for the first time has been so great. Best bit by far.

Friends and family. That’s the good times right there.

And with that, I give you day 51!





ps: only thing better than catching up with friends and family is catching up with friends and family over a few bottles of wine. Fortunately all my friends and family share my passion obsession delight for wine. *hic* and goodnight!

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