Day 52 of 365

Last night in London…hooray!

I wish I could say I loved London but I kind of really didn’t, or don’t. I love maybe 10% of it, or, 8% of it…give or take, and I don’t really feel like I’m offending a nation by saying so, given I was born here and I’ve lived here and I’ve visited here and all my family are from here, I think given all of that I’m allowed to say that I really don’t like it so much, right? It’s just SO BUSY! And noisy! And stressful! London stresses me out!

But I have enjoyed some bits. The bits that didn’t involve high streets and tubes and crowds and people in crowds and crowds of people and fighting through crowds and oh the crowds!

Hiring a car and heading out of the big smoke tomorrow. Ahhhh. Exhale.





Sorry for the poor quality photos, it’s ten to midnight and the boys are sleeping so the lights are dim.

Off to sleep for me too now.

‘Til we meet again, London!

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