Day 72 of 365

Today’s illustration has a client!

A real live client! How fancy am I?!

‘Exclusive Ladies Affair’ is an annual fundraiser to raise money for Breast Cancer WA, it’s a fun night of bubbly, auctions, photo booths, cupcakes, chit-chat and a gold class movie (with food!) to top it all off. I went last year and it was a great night, the movie was Bridesmaids so hello! there was no chance of a bad night!!

If you’re a lady and you live near-by why don’t you grab a group of your friends together and come along on May 31st at 7pm? Tickets are only $60! That’s all! $60!

Here’s a link to their site if you’d like to buy tickets

And now, today’s illustration, the one that…HAS A CLIENT! It’s not finished as I still have to draw it up neatly and colour it, but I like it enough to make it my Day 72.

first pencil sketch:


as well as a new scanner, I obviously need a light box, back door window is adequate but eventually you start to feel it in the arms!!



aaaaaand, what it’s looking like now. Tomorrow there will be colour and joy!


That was fun!

3 thoughts on “Day 72 of 365

  1. i love this 🙂 the images are awesome and i think that the definition of each of the faces are cool 🙂 i love the details included
    thankyou for sharing, keep smiling

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