Day 73 of 365

You’re probably going to think today’s illustration is pretty lame, because I know I do, but, it’s been a busy day and this is about all I can manage…it even says so in the drawing!

I’m completely knackered and the most wonderful thing has happened, Will has been fed, bathed and is in bed sound asleep all before 8pm (!!) on top of that, N is out at the rugby which means I have a house and a TV completely to myself SO, I’m going to sit here in my granny slipper-socks with my glass of sherry and watch Footloose … the new one.

I’m a bit scared as the original Footloose pretty much moulded the ‘me’ I was as a young teen and no other movie touched me as much as Footloose did, until of course Dirty Dancing came along (for the record I refuse to ever watch ‘Dirty Dancing 2, Havana Nights’ for so sooooo many reasons), and then it was every romantic comedy starring Meg Ryan that was ever made after that but oh look, I’ve digressed…!

My point? It’s been a busy day. I and my partners in crime (Will’s best friends mums) sat in the afternoon sun and had a glass of wine or two, ok, maybe three! I’ve put very little effort into today’s illustration and I’m about to watch a movie I may hate. With a passion.

Here’s today’s ugly drawing!





Now that thats done, it’s time to curl up on the lounge…

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