Standard: Day 80 of 365

I have this longing to make a doll house for Will, it is for Will, honest.

A doll house made from cardboard and a doll house that’s not called a doll house because it needs to be more boyish than girlish.

I’m calling it a People House.

I bought all the cardboard and bits and bobs I need to start it today but realised I’d probably need a weekend day to get it made as Will doesn’t allow me that amount of spare time on a regular day, he’s quite strict with the spare time I’m allocated.

I did however make a start on some artwork for the People House walls… Can’t have a People House without artwork on its walls, right?

We have a bit of Keith Haring, a bit of Matisse and a bit of John Lennon…

Then we have a family portrait…

That might sit above the fireplace…

The fireplace with the vase of flowers on the mantel…


Yay! Lovin’ it so far!

Tomorrow I hope to start the actual People House.

And that, my friends, is today’s illustration!

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