Day 83 of 365

Colds and flus are stupid and dumb.

Didn’t do any work on the Paper People House today as we were out almost all day AND I’m out of cardboard so I’ll have to pop to the shop tomorrow and get some more.

I did however draw a miserable drawing of the miserable cold that’s making me miserable.

I’ve lost my funny and my happy today.

While I’m here though, I just wanted to say THANK YOU!
You all are some lovely people! I know that some of you check here everyday which is amazing and wonderful…and unexpected! When I first started this I thought for sure no-one would ever look at it but in 83 days there’s been over 3200 hits. Incredible! And also, to all those that leave comments another big THANK YOU! Your comments have been so nice and charming and friendly (if I don’t reply its only because I’m still a total blog n00b and I don’t always see them until much later, ooops).

Right then, where did I put that box of Codral…?

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