Standard: Day 88 of 365

A few years ago we decided our kitchen needed a bit of work, and by a bit of work I mean we’re going to knock down walls, add walls and rip just about everything out to put in new stuff, when its done it will be FAB!

But its a long process. Drawing up plans. Getting council approval. Not getting council approval. Redrawing plans. Getting council approval…almost a year later and work starts in June. Hooray!

Today we went looking at ovens and cooktops and sinks, oh my!
My inner domestic goddess had the time of her life as she imagine a world where a kitchen was so wonderful and so perfect that no mistake could ever be made! Cakes rose high, pies turned golden, custards were creamy and gin & tonics never got warm. My inner domestic goddess practically danced around the showroom.

Also. My inner domestic goddess is tall and thin and does yoga and pilates.

The outer one, not so much.

3 thoughts on “Standard: Day 88 of 365

  1. I envy your inner goddess. Heck, I envy my inner goddess. She’s perky, loves to clean, is social and can repair her own car. The real me is nothing like that. Oh, well….

  2. You have such a look to your art work, I see these selling as children book illustrations or greeting cards! Apply it, you have a young child???? Time to illustrate a book based upon his life too watching you blog!!!! I’m a fan!

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