Day 90 of 365

Its funny how we forget things we used to love to do so much.

Or maybe we don’t forget them, maybe we just get too busy or too grown up or we move on to the next thing for a while.

I was wandering around my mums art room on the weekend and like all good sentimental mothers I saw she had kept some of my university work from like a MILLION YEARS AGO! It was nice to see it and it reminded me of the hours I would spend pouring my heart and soul into an illustration…2 litre bottle of diet coke and a pack of cigarettes by my side (I don’t smoke anymore, thank goodness!).

I’d sit up ’til 4 or 5 in the morning, cross legged on the floor hunched over my work, then grab an hours sleep and head off to uni, Man! Being young was awesome! (All those nights paid off though as I ended up winning best folio from our graduating year. Go me!).

I also remember I used to experiment a lot with textures. The work I found in my mums art room were examples of that. I’d layer and glue pieces of tissue paper and scrunch things up and paint over the top of them and smudge things and rub things… I forget now to do those things. These days I just get a pencil and draw. YAWN. How boring.

So from now on, I will experiment more, again! Starting today…

Feeling pretty happy right now.

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