Day 99 of 365

Todays illustration has given me a sore thumb and a backache but I’m a bit excited about it, nonetheless.

I’ve been an admirer of Rob Ryan’s work for the longest time. I could sit and stare at it for hours, all the intricate little cuts and slices, amazing! And I actually didn’t appreciate just how amazing it was until I tried to do one myself…today.

Its very amateur by comparison but I actually feel like I gave it a good shot and I’m pleased with the result. So YAY and also, WOW I seriously don’t know how he does this type of work all day without going crazy from working out where to and where not to cut… or without his thumb joint locking up from gripping that darn scalpel all day… or without his eyes rolling back into his head from looking at the paper so closely.

Gotta hand it to Rob Ryan, he’s a bit of a legend!

Anyhow, heres my attempt at paper cutting…

And then I put it into a frame to hold it all together, they’re fiddly little pieces of work y’know…

And a bit of a close-up…

And before this one I did a couple of practice ones…

Tomorrow I think I’ll go back to something simple, like a pencil.

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