Day 102 of 365

It’s been a rollercoaster kind of day. So many highs and so many low lows.

High: I took a stroll through the art supply store on the corner of my street this morning, the place with the bar, but as Neil reminded me, 10:30am was too early for margaritas, so I just looked at their lovely stuff. Take a look at these giant enormous pastels, oh my, I could eat them, really, I could eat them!




Low: a disastrous afternoon at the hairdresser that has left me looking and feeling like a frumpy short-haired frump. I may also have cried. A lot.

There are no photos of this.

High: My beautiful husband who has claimed every Saturday night as his “Jamie Oliver” night and completely takes over the kitchen to prepare and cook a meal from “Jamies 30 minute meals” cookbook. He also thought it appropriate to open a 2001 Leeuwin Estate ‘Art Series’ Cabernet Sauvignon, probably to stop me crying about my awful haircut for 10 to 15 minutes.
Pictures of amazing food and awesome chef/husband:


Which brings me to…today’s illustration!! (was a long time coming today!!)


My very own Masterchef.

Final high: a full bottle of Baileys, a sleeping toddler and George Clooney’s ‘Descendants’ ready to be watched.

It’s not all bad.

6 thoughts on “Day 102 of 365

    • Thank you! We’ve become a bit obsessive though, after buying all of Jamie OIivers books over the years and watching them collect dust in the kitchen we now can’t stop using them…I’m even making a Jamie pasta dish tonight. We can’t stop!

      • He is an inspiring character, isn’t he? I like the fact that he doesn’t always measure ingredients as stiffly as other chefs do. Measuring while cooking stresses me out (unless I’m baking and working with yeast, no choice!) 🙂 Which pasta are you making? Our bolognese recipe is from the “Jamie’s Food Revolution” book — easy to read cookbook!

      • Measuring stresses me too! In fact, following recipes stresses me out. So does reading instructions, I’m the worst with Ikea furniture, I always think I can just do it without following the rules. Wrong! Tonight I’m making Jamies carbonara recipe from Jamies Dinners, so easy, its like five ingredients and one of those is pasta! Mouth is watering just thinking about it.

      • Exactly how I prefer to cook — to pour straight from bottles and sprinkled by hand 🙂 I treat recipes for cooking as a framework on which to build your own flavors. Just the same, I’ve assembled a table with the legs inside out and had to undo/redo all that hard work. Have fun making the carbonara — it’s as if I can already smell it 😀

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