Day 103 of 365

Happy Mothers Day, Mums!

I have been totally spoilt today. We all met up at Grandmas house this morning for breakfast. Neil cooked up an egg, bacon, tomato, mushroom, toast, tea and juice FEAST for everyone and my sister made very delicious banana muffins and orange poppyseed muffins. Best breakfast ever!

Got home about 1pm, Will and I went for a nap and ooops, I woke up about three hours later! Talk about indulgent!

Mothers Day: My little man…

Vintage teacups and tea, a perfect present… Will & Neil know me so well!

Todays illustration, My Mum xxx

I hope all you mums had a lovely lovely day!

3 thoughts on “Day 103 of 365

  1. Just to let you know that I have passed the Kreativ Blogger award on to you. My daughter, also a young mum, has found your collage blogs wholly inspirational and is currently making her own collage for the nursery.

    • WoW! Thank you! Its so lovely to hear that someone has been inspired by something on my blog! I hope your daughters collage turns out great and I hope she has an absolute ball making it xx

    • Hello again, Just looking at your blog (I really really love your paintings) and I’m confused about the kreativ blogger award. Am I to now pass it along or do I wait? I’m still so new to all this!!

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