Day 105 of 365

OK so I’m pretty sure there’s some kind of weird Samson & Delilah thing going on with me right now.

There’s really no way to explain the fact that I’ve sat here looking at a blank piece of paper for over an hour other than to assume that … hairdresser stole my art.


Also, I’m very new to the blogging thing really, I mean I know its been 105 days but I don’t explore much and haven’t really got the hang of what goes on. A couple of times people have told me they’ve “passed on” or “nominated” my blog for different types of creative blogger awards but I had no idea until now that I’m actually supposed to do something with that and not just thank them and carry on about my business.


So a massive massive big thank you to claireshottersblog for passing a Kreativ Blogger award on to me. Claire is a very talented artist and creates the most beautiful watercolours, you really should check her out!

I will answer the questions that need answering and nominate my choice of seven bloggers to pass this award onto tomorrow morning, or perhaps later tonight, but definitely in the next 24 hours!

Thank you Claire! xx


3 thoughts on “Day 105 of 365

  1. I just had to stop by and sympathize with you about bad haircuts. I myself have been the recipient of such an evil thing. I ended up with a mullet type thing and my mother while trying to tell me it looked fine broke down into gales of laughter. Let me tell you that I avoided hairdressers for a long long time and as a result ended up looking like cousin it! I finally overcame my fear and went to the dreaded hairdresser (not the one who ruined my life) and she did okay, lets just say I didn’t need a paper bag this time. I’m grateful hair grows back 🙂 Love your drawing 🙂

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