Day 106 of 365

I think it’s very ironic that the week a Kreativ Blogger award is passed on to me also happens to be the week that I am having enormous struggles with being creative. My well feels pretty dry at the moment.

BUT! I will graciously accept and thank, once again, Claire Shotter for thinking of me.

The rules in order to claim the award are as follows:

1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award and provide a link.
2. List 7 things about yourself that your readers might find interesting
3. Nominate 7 other bloggers, provide links, and let them know.

OK then so, 7 interesting (I hope!) things about me:

1. Celine Dion, Sting, Fergie, Billy Joel, Elton John, Jack Johnson, The Who and Rod Stewart have all had my flowers in their dressing rooms when they toured WA. (When I was a florist) (There are others but I forget who now)

2. I wish so much that I could be on ‘Project Runway’ despite the fact that I can’t design or make clothes.

3. I wish so much that I could win an Oscar despite the fact I can’t act, have never acted, and have never taken acting lessons.

4. I really love cheese. Except Blue Cheese. Blue cheese should be run out of town!

5. I know all the lines from the movie ‘Dirty Dancing’. Seriously. No one puts baby in a corner.

6. My first celebrity crush was Ralph Macchio. I just loved that karate kid!

7. I try very hard to live by this: “Live a creative life and be kind to people”. I hope I’m doing ok at that so far.

And now the 7 bloggers I wish to pass this award onto (In no particular order because they’re all equally brilliant):

1. onehappylittlemama

2. lobsterboy

3. heycatlady

4. The Heart of Art

5. Little Wolf

6. Kelly Graham, Artist

7. Jar of Salt

And now todays uninspired illustration!

I just doodled. Its a doodle. No big deal.

One thought on “Day 106 of 365

  1. Passing the (Kreativ) torch! « onehappylittlemama

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