Day 119 of 365

Today’s illustration is the quickest identity ever produced in the history of producing identities, I think!

It occurred to me while framing lots and lots of prints to be displayed at an event on Thursday night that I should probably have a little sticker stuck on the back of each frame, and maybe even some type of card with my details that people could take away with them, right? Sounded like something that needed to be done!

So I got to drawing…



Then decided on this one…


So I whipped up these…


I think they’ll do the job!

2 thoughts on “Day 119 of 365

  1. They certainly do they job – very charmingly as well. Admire your speed and clarity.

    • Thank you so much! Its funny how some of us (ME!) work much better (and faster) when the pressures on! xx

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