Day 120 of 365

How amazing is THIS place?

I saw the photo on Pinterest earlier today and I have no idea where this is as the link lead me nowhere. Boo! I want to know where this wonderful place is and I want to go there. I want to sit on one of those little yellow chairs for lunch, I want to spend a night in one of those rooms with the big blue bay windows and then I want to come back down again in the morning for breakfast!

I want to read a book, carry fresh flowers, drink a glass of wine and paint, all in that one little area.

Where is this?!

11 thoughts on “Day 120 of 365

    • Gutted! I was in Covent Garden just two months ago and was totally oblivious to the fact this was hiding there somewhere. Wow, seriously I wish I’d known. Thanks for clearing it up for me though. (Although, the day I was there it was shoulder to shoulder tourists so perhaps its best if this stays a lovely picture I can daydream about).

  1. Kel i think it’s in Covent Garden, London. BTW my Ruby loves your blog and your illustrations, nice for her to have someone to inspire her creative side as her mum just isn’t much help in that department!

    • Thanks Caitlin, MAN! I was in Convent Garden two months ago and I never saw that little gem. Aww tell Ruby I said thanks for liking my stuff… I feel an illustration dedication coming up some time…! Hope you’re all keeping well over there xx

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