Day 147 of 365

You might recall about five weeks ago a ran a little “win an original framed illustration” competition. It was won and I was happy and excited to send it off to the winner until it became frighteningly obvious that Australia Post had let us down enormously.

Illustration lost.

I didn’t bother to pay the additional charge to track it either as I had faith in our system! Never never again. From now on I’m all about tracking!

So. Long story short. An illustration was won so an illustration must be delivered, only this time I had the chance to personalise it a little which was fun. The winner, Rachael, is the owner of ‘Petit Gateau – Couture Cupcakes & Cakes’ and they make the most beautifully decorated cakes, you can see for yourself here CAKES, and even though there is no real shopfront (yet!) I took the liberty of imagining one up (that’s there actual logo on the window though, my hand drawn version of, that is).

And heres what I’ll be sending you, Rach… (tracked!)

So if anyone out there finds the first illustration, please send it on home. I miss it.

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