Day 153 of 365

So. I have been thinking very very seriously about this illustration business lately. I’m pretty sure its my next thing. That said, its always been my thing, its just always been my background thing.

My background thing that every so often shouts in my ear that it wants to be my real thing. OK ILLUSTRATION, YOU WIN! You can be my real thing.

Where to now? I’ve been doing lots of research and I think I might have some ideas.

In other news, I’m slack. Some time ago Kelly Graham, Artist passed on an ‘Awesome Blog Award’ to me and I’ve not yet acknowledged it properly or passed it along. I was only reminded of it  today when The Sofi’s World passed a ‘Very Inspiring Bloggers Award’ my way.

So, thank you thank you thank you to you both and YES! I will get my act together and pay those forward soon…very soon…not today soon, but SOON!

Day 153:

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