Day 162 of 365 illustrations

Earlier today Will and I were at the park and a little girl came along and sat on the swing next to Will’s.

“Hello! My name is Rosie and I’m seven years old”, she said.

I introduced myself and we began chatting. It turns out there’s two ways to spell Rosie’s name but she spells it with ‘ie’ not ‘ey’.

Then suddenly out of the blue Rosie says “My mum has breast cancer and today is her last chemotherapy. She lost all her hair but it will grow back slowly. We’ve almost got through breast cancer so we’ll be ok”.

I thought about telling Rosie that my own mum was having chemotherapy today too, but I decided to just let it be Rosie’s story today.

So Rosie, although you’ll never know, today’s illustration is for you and your mum. Two brave ladies xxx


3 thoughts on “Day 162 of 365 illustrations

  1. Thats such a gorgeous drawing of rosie, children just tell it like it is and its so brave of her to tell you about her mummy xxx
    thinking of your mum too xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Post this somewhere that all the world will see…. to Rosie’s mum and your mum and all the other mothers out there being brave beyond words, may you all be ok xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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