Day 166 of 365 illustrations

I have become the biggest watercolour fan, which surprises and delights me. Right now, I can’t get enough of it!

And I didn’t feel like getting lost today so Illustration Friday can be done another day. All I wanted to do today was play with my new watercolours.

I made these!





Because earlier today I bought this:




Previously, when I wanted to paint (every other day) I’d have to pull out a huge box with its dozens of tubes of paint and they’re not so portable and it’s a bit inconvenient and then Will would see it and yell “PAINT! PAINT!” while jumping up and down with excitement so we’d both have to paint and there’d be mess and chaos, but kind of fun, but I’d get no actual painting done and I’d have to clean walls and floors because Will believes in expressing himself over the entire house aaaaand …..see! It’s exhausting just to read about, right?!

Now I can paint discretely. And anywhere I like!

Imagine. Hot bath. Glass of wine. Mini-go-anywhere paints!

I am so trying that one day!

9 thoughts on “Day 166 of 365 illustrations

    • Haha!! They do too! If I ever run out of lippy I have a few reds to choose right there! (Also, I just thought of another reason why its so good…I can take it to the park and paint while Will plays!)

  1. Lovely illustration, beautiful colours!
    What a nice, compact watercolour box! Love it!
    If you don’t mind, would you please let me know this watercolour maker name? Thank you(^_^)

    • Thanks Violetski! The paints don’t have much written on them except “KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH” and that’s all… Hope that helps!

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