Day 171 of 365 illustrations

LOTS to show and tell today!

Starting with: Day 127 of NS’s book – “Mail art! Take an existing postcard and alter it, then send it to a random address”.

Well, I made five postcards from scratch and I’m sending them to five people I know, close enough!

Here are the five finished postcards… (I cut up a Cath Kidston catalogue I picked up when we were in the UK back in March so these are fairly well travelled postcards already!)…




Here’s the making of the five postcards…




And here are the five postcards all stamped and ready to be sent (not telling who to!)…


That was a really fun project and I’m definitely going to do it again a few more times before the year is up. What made it even more enjoyable was the GLORIOUS weather today. Oh my, winter in Western Australia is wonderful! So Will and I sat outside most of the day, painting and drawing and making things (Spidermen mostly) with pipe cleaners.

Best fun ever!

Finally, I haven’t posted a Will drawing for a long time, probably because i figured that after a while the same scribbles would bore you senseless, BUT! we have made an enormous toddler leap and, well, see for yourself!


It’s a face with hair. And he even gave it hands.

What a clever chap!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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