Day 174 of 365 illustrations

I couldn’t sleep last night. Way too much going on and way too many thoughts to think, so I got up just after midnight, made myself a cup of tea and started drawing.

Once I finished drawing I started painting, and before I knew it it was gone 3am, but it was such a relaxing three hours I didn’t mind.

This is what happens when I’m up all alone in the middle of the night…




6 thoughts on “Day 174 of 365 illustrations

    • Thank you! I’d put more in them but I only have a day to do each one so I’m surprised theres any detail at all to be honest! x

      • It varies really but usually anywhere between 20 minutes and 2 hours spread over the course of a day. I might spend half an hour in the morning, twenty minutes at lunch, the rest in the evening.

        I dream about sitting for an entire afternoon with nothing to do but paint…maybe when my son starts school…maybe!

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