Day 175 of 365 illustrations

From NS’s book: Day 178 – Use the world of birds as your inspiration today.

Mr & Mrs Fancybird were by far the fanciest birds in the street.

(I made little popstick puppets that Will can play with tomorrow)



Also, it’s not like I need another 365 project but I saw this book today and I couldn’t resist…


I particularly like Day 213 – Invite friends to dinner, and Day 156 – Stand on top of a hill, and Day 116 – Dress for happiness!

I think I’m going to like them all, and most of them Will and I can do together! Like Day 180…


I wonder how many 365 type books there are out there.

And I wonder how many of them I’ll end up buying and doing!

One thought on “Day 175 of 365 illustrations

  1. I had this little pink book on 365 ways to energize mind, body and soul by Stephanie Tourles, which I had not the time to diligently read everyday. Your daily posts however inspires me to find time to draw again…perhaps a day will come I’d post one…great work! love most of it!

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