Day 178 of 365 Illustrations

Earlier today I was scrolling through some photos of tattoos on Pinterest.
Wowsers! Some of those things require an ENORMOUS amount of commitment…and bravery!

I don’t have any tattoos.
Sometimes I toy with the idea, but I could never commit to one single image or word or phrase for the rest of my life. I’m way too fickle for that. Some years ago, while at uni, I almost got a tattoo. My best friend at the time and I were sitting having a beer somewhere on a sunny friday afternoon and across the road was a tattoo place (are they still called “parlours”?), anyhow, after several uni student priced beers we decided to cross that road and get our tattoos! At the time, there was a typeface I was completely smitten with which included, as part of it’s set, a wingding type thing of a fish skeleton. Now, in 19whateveritwas that was the coolest typeface and the coolest fish skeleton EVER. Thats what I was going to get tattooed. On the side of my foot.

Fortunately for us, the tattoo was going to cost $60 and we’d just drunk all but our last 20. PHEW! How lucky I was! I hate that typeface now and I really hate that fish skeleton!

So. You see what I’m saying?

I’d quite like it if you could put them on and then take them off again when you’re tired of them, but not like horrible temporary tattoos, like real ones, but only they don’t last forever.

Here’s one I prepared earlier!  (Its a bit of a shame that she’ll wash off soon, I’ve quite enjoyed having her around)…

And that, is my illustration for today. Happy Friday!

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