Day 179 of 365 illustrations

It’s been one of those glorious, laugh-a-minute days in our house today.

You know those days when all the planets are aligned just right and there are no tantrums (from Will or mum), no bad moods (ditto), and no crankiness (again, right?!). Just a happy day.

Our biggest source of amusement and hilarity has been from watching a very excited two and a half year old with the new potty that we all headed out earlier today to buy, along with a few packets of “reward stickers”.

I thought it would take days (weeks?) to explain the concept of weeing on a potty to Will but wow! an hour after setting up his “potty corner” he was pulling me over to it excitedly yelling “MORE WEE MUM!!” as he sat to wee for the fifth time!

I think before he went to bed tonight he had got all the way up to wee number eight! A good start I’d say.

And all because of the promise of Spiderman stickers.

Crazy thing is, Will doesn’t even know who Spiderman is! His grandma bought him a Spiderman doll (action figure, whatever) a while ago, and we sing him the Spiderman song occasionally, but that’s all he knows yet, he’s mad about the Spiderman! Go figure. But hey, thanks, Spiderman! We owe you one!





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