Day 189 of 365 illustrations

Its not often I love one of my own illustrations.

I usually like them. Sometimes I might like them a lot. And other times I might hate then so much I never want to look at them again!

Today’s I love!

I have a canvas to paint for a friend soon and wanted to do a little mini practice run before I start the real deal, and I’m glad I did because I actually learnt a few things! (Like watercolour doesn’t really work on canvas, duh!).

So behold! Mini practice canvas… that I love!





I really can’t wait to start the big canvas soon. Oh happy day!

5 thoughts on “Day 189 of 365 illustrations

    • Thanks Benson!! I sell some stuff, mostly I’m doing commissions at the moment. My dream is to have an exhibition and sell loads of paintings…Ahhh dreams! Wonderful things.

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