Day 190 of 365 illustrations

Today’s illustration is a bit tricky to show you, as a whole. So I’ll show you a part of it, if that’s ok…?

Remember yesterday and the mini canvas I did as a practice for the bigger canvas I was doing for a friend? Well today I did the bigger canvas.

All 51 x 51cm of it!

I can’t actually show you the entire thing though as it’s going to be a gift for someone and I don’t want to accidentally ruin anyone’s surprise.

But I promise to post a pic of the whole thing once it’s in it’s new owners hot little hands. Promise!

But until then….a snippet!




That painting was. SO. MUCH. FUN. To do!

2 thoughts on “Day 190 of 365 illustrations

  1. I really love how the shading (on the boy’s jacket for instance) has so much texture to it. You can still really see the surface of the canvas. Looks all very fluffy and organic. I was wondering how you get this effect? A really dry brush?

    • Hi Miss Beretta, I get that effect with a black coloured pencil. Once I’ve finished with the painting bit I grab my pencils and shade areas. I do it for that very reason, so that the texture of the canvas comes through.

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