Day 206 of 365 illustrations

Almost anyone who knows me will know I’m a huge Oliver Jeffers fan.

I love love love his picture books and he’s a wonderful fine artist too.

But today I was a bit saddened and disappointed.

You see, I was in the bookshop looking for a new book for Will and of course, like any good book store, there was the entire Oliver Jeffers collection, and I can tell that as soon as I get close to the children’s book section because I have all his covers committed memory, which is why I was confused to see a book entitled “STUCK” that kind of looked like his book “STUCK” but kind of also didn’t.

So obviously I picked it up.


Turns out it’s basically the same story. Red kite gets stuck in tree. Little boy throws things at tree to get kite out. Things get stuck in tree. Jeffers things are much more fanciful things, but they’re still just things. Thrown at a tree.

Charlottes version was first published 2009. Oliver’s version 2011.

Awww. Isn’t that sad.

How? Why?

How terribly sad.

Only thing I could do to make myself feel better was … make my own version!


Tomorrow I’ll get to work on the inside pages.

Just kidding. Not really. That story has already been done, TWICE!

Happy Friday!

One thought on “Day 206 of 365 illustrations

  1. I felt the same way when I realised that the new editions of Endi Blyton’s books have a lot of changes in them. Fannie is now Frannie, there are no Brownies, and a few other ones. I went onto ebay and found old copies so I could read them to my daughter.

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