Day 214 of 365 illustrations

Tonight we are having our first ever family movie night! Yay!

Will has become a bit of a fan of The Hulk, which is odd because he has one Hulk book and that’s really all he knows about The Hulk but, he’s a big fan anyway, go figure.

So we decided that since we’ve rented The Avengers to watch tonight we’d let Will, as a very special treat, sit up and watch it with us (my bet is that he falls asleep twenty minutes into it).

So, movie night illustration and a photo of my very own little Hulk…





Neil’s about to be sent out to get chocolate sundaes from Hungry Jacks…he doesn’t know it yet.

*Edit: Remembered tomorrow is fathers day so I went out and got the sundaes. Neil can get them next time.

*Edit Edit: As predicted, Will fell asleep 20 minutes into it which probably wasn’t such a bad thing as The Hulk didn’t show up for ages and when he did he was a rather unpleasant fellow!

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