Day 223 of 365 illustrations

Our poor dog can’t seem to cut a break at the moment.

First he had to have his tail amputated, then he had to have a lump on his foot removed and tested (benign, yay!) and then he had to spend three weeks in one of those awful big Elizabethan collars.

Friday night we took the collar off.

Saturday and Sunday were the two free-est and best days he’s had in a while.

Monday morning I was told by the vet to put the collar back on and now we have a puppy feeling very sorry for himself.

I know I shouldn’t laugh BUT every now and then, when Boston (our dog) is walking around the house, you hear an enormous CRASH as he once again misjudges the size of his collar and the amount of space he needs to get through the door frame sending him flying backwards!

Poor puppy, sentenced to another week or two in that cone.




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