Day 242 of 365 illustrations


As far as birthdays go, today has been one of the Best. Ones. Ever!

It all started with a morning of exploring our own city. A long, but surprisingly pleasant walk to breakfast, a ‘Picasso to Warhol’ exhibition at the art gallery, a walk in the park, some homemade pizzas and…AND!! If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know I’ve complained more than a dozen times about the silly quality of my scanner, well, WELL…my sister and her lovely boyfriend bought me, for my birthday, A NEW SCANNER/PRINTER OH MY GOSH BEST THING EVER!

No more dodgy photographs of my illustrations! Hooray!! Hello real proper scans! (and I was given ‘Creative Suite 6’ too, double “oh my goodness”!! Happy fun time photoshop days ahead!).

Anyhow, there are so many photos from today (many of the exhibition and <;3 Andy Warhol) but I'll not bore you with them all, instead, I'll just go straight to today's illustration.

It's a group BIRTHDAY effort! Everyone here tonight picked a name out of a hat and we all drew the name we picked out.

It's really the best idea I could come up with after an entire bottle of SSB and half a bottle of sticky.

Plus perhaps I've been inspired by Warhol and his theory that every person will have 15 minutes of fame. Here is my families 15 minutes…(!!)



And my part…(this is the Day 242 of 365 illustrations part) (I picked my 6’9″ husbands name. That’s why he’s drawn so big…because he’s so big!)…


OK, and a few photos!

The present I bought myself at the ‘Picasso to Warhol’ exhibition…


Some arts…










Some pizzas…



Some one tired lady.

Yay! Birthday!

Birthday cake!


Goodnight all!

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