Day 243 of 365 illustrations

New scanner/printer is CONNECTED!


So I thought I’d throw a few things at it to test it out. Todays illustration has a bit of bright colour, a bit of texture, a bit of highlights, a bit of lowlights and a bit of line work. Lets see how you handle this, scanner!


Oooh! Not bad!

I feel a bit sad for my old scanner now though, I mean sure, it never scanned all that well, and yes, it took a long time getting the job done but it tried. I have no doubt that it tried, and now it’s sat all unplugged on the floor and a big shiny new wireless scanner has taken its place next to me on my desk. Poor little HP.

But at the same time, WOW! So many pretty lights and buttons on this new guy. I’m sure it won’t take him long to help me forget the others.

He’s like the Ryan Gosling of scanner/printers.

I love him.

He’s perfect.


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