Day 244 of 365 illustrations

Last day of the long weekend, only a few hours to go, so sad.

But its been an incredible three (five) days! There’s been: Japanese at Nobu, cocktails, presents, cake, breakfasts out, art galleries, wine, movie watching, home made pizza making, more wine, german sausage and german beer, walks in parks, birthday parties (Happy birthday again, Izzy!), BBQs, playgrounds, more wine, shopping, friends, family, more cake, more wine, little mini hotdogs, custard horns (I ate 4!), more parks, more wine, a trip to the swan valley, drawing, painting and ice cream…

As you can imagine, we’re a pretty worn out house tonight.

4 thoughts on “Day 244 of 365 illustrations

  1. Just love this illustration – the 365 approach bears fruit and you have gotten pretty loose and impulsive with your lines! I am always admiring your work and thought it was time to let you know! Looking forward to the next work posted, you always add a bit of a smile to my day! Thanks!

    • Oh I took hundreds of photos too! I’m fairly amateur but photography is high on my list of hobbies. I wanted to post some on the blog yesterday but our Internet was going so painfully slow that I gave up. (I took 120 photos in the swan valley alone yesterday!) I bet Rottnest was lovely, I’m so keen to spend a weekend there sometime soon.

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