Day 247 of 365 illustrations

It was off to the CIRCUS today!

Apart from Cirque Du Soleil I haven’t been to a circus for years and years, in fact, does Cirque Du Soleil even really count as a circus? Is it too pretty to be a real circus? No sawdust!

Todays circus was great! A really fun afternoon of “oooohing” and “ahhhing” and laughing and clapping (and very athletic Russian men in tight tights) and balloons and ice-cream (and big strong arms) and lights and spectacle (and chiselled jawlines) and ponies.

Will sat completely still for two hours. That was probably the most incredible thing to happen.




A very mesmerised little boy…

3 thoughts on “Day 247 of 365 illustrations

    • HAHA!! That’s lovely. I’ve never seen Kylie in concert, sadly, but I’m sure I’d be the same way. Or maybe if I came face to face with Ryan Gosling…same face and completely speechless.

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