Day 254 of 365 illustrations

Stuff I bought today:

• A modem. Modem was returned shortly after as it was discovered the modem wasn’t the problem, and the reason I’m living like its 1993 with no Internet access, is due to dodgy phone lines and plugs. Technician coming in the morning.

• A cupcake topped with 100’s & 1000’s …. for Will. Cake and I are no longer friends.

• Ingredients for dinner. I’ve made spicey chicken and lentils. Smells dee-lish!

• A bag of soldiers. 200 pieces. All quite little. 200 little soldier pieces. Can you imagine how much fun that is to clear up.

• Now, technically I’ve not paid for it yet but I have a hair appointment in about 45 minutes. Colour. I love hair appointments because it’s just me and a magazine for about 90 minutes. Minimal conversation. I’m not really a talker when I’m enjoying some “me” time.

And THAT is what I bought today, Thursday October 11, 2012.



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